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With Windows 8 product key, Microsoft is embracing the PC world. It introduces an optimized interface for touch screens with dedicated apps, it runs faster than Windows 7 and offers many new functions. With the help of numerous tips, you can make the switch right away.

Windows 8 Product Key

Windows 8 Product Key Generator:  introduces Windows Store Apps that are optimized. They’re exclusively installed through the Microsoft Windows Store App. For large displays, two Apps can run side by side in Snap mode. With this, you get pre-installed Apps like Mail, Calendar, Camera and a photo album, as well as a Media Player for music and videos. It comes with the new Internet Explorer 10 as a classic Windows application and as a Windows Store App. Tools like Windows Explorer or the new Task Manager are optimized for touch operation. If required, the new System Restore can restore Windows 8 to its original state or retain all installed programs and settings with a new installation.

It also offers Windows Media Center as a free add-on, Windows Remote Desktop Server, and an encryptable file system. This version allows you to use virtual machines, BitLocker encryption for hard disks and BitLocker To Go for removable media, and also to connect to Windows domains.

Windows 8 Product Key Generator: Alongside all the features, the Enterprise Edition offers: complete installation on a USB stick with Windows To Go, application security policies for programs with AppLocker, secure VPN remote access via Direct Access and other extra features for large corporate networks, such as the WAN technology Branch Cache. You can use the new tiles as information panels for new mail messages, news from social networks or the current weather forecast.

Windows 8 uses less memory than older versions of Windows, runs faster and recommends itself even without the upgrade of the new user interface. Unlike previous versions of Windows, with Windows 8 the Windows concept is turned on its head with the introduction of many practical improvements. It’s not just tablet users who can look forward to the new Windows.

How to Install Windows 8 Product Key

The Windows 8 installation process is remarkably simple and belies the massive changes you are about to wreak on your operating system. Run the installer, drop in the license key when asked, and allow the computer to reboot.
Installation took around 10 minutes — not including the kinkiness we encountered with the Microsoft-supplied USB stick. The syncing process took longer and getting the RTM to the same point of usability as the RP was added took almost another 20 minutes. Microsoft said this was longer than normal, but not out of the realm of possibility.

If you have a preview version of Windows 8, you’ll be able to keep your personal files, but apps will have to be downloaded again from the Windows Store. Fortunately, your previous apps should be saved in the Your Apps section, at the top edge. Settings such as picture passwords and Facebook will carry over since they’re attached to your log-in account. Google log-ins apparently will not, and must be re-entered manually.

People with Vista will be able to carry their Windows settings and personal files forward to Windows 8, but not their programs. If you’re running Windows XP, you’re even more restricted, and can only take your personal files with you.

To use touch, you need a tablet or a monitor that supports multitouch (more info)You can access the Windows Store and to download and run apps, you need an active Internet connection and a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768To snap apps, you need a screen resolution of at least 1366 x 768Internet access (ISP fees might apply)Secure boot requires firmware that supports UEFI v2.3.1 Errata B and has the Microsoft Windows CertificationAuthority in the UEFI signature databaseSome games and programs might require a graphics card compatible with DirectX 10 or higher for optimal performanceMicrosoft account required for some featuresWatching DVDs requires separate playback softwareBitLocker To Go requires a USB flash driveBitLocker requires either Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 1.2 or a USB flash driveClient Hyper-V requires a 64-bit system with second level address translation (SLAT) capabilities and additional 2 GB of RAMA TV tuner is required to play and record live TV in Windows Media CenterFree Internet TV content varies by geography, some content might require additional feesYou can check to see if your PC meets the requirements for Windows 8 by running the Upgrade Assistant.

System Requirement for Windows 8 Product Key:

If you want to run Windows 8 on your PC, here’s what it takes:Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz)* or faster with support for PAE, NX, and SSE2RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB) (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit)Hard disk space: 16 GB (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit)Graphics card: Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver

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